Text Size In Tool Bars And Certain Other Applications

May 15, 2017
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Text in most of my tool bars and in some of the apps I use like Google Chrome and Jams "Ultra Search" (and others) use to be easily readable. With a recent update the fonts used in tool bars and the fonts used in some programs main screens has been reduced to an extent that my tired old eyes can't read.

The applications where these changes occurred don't seem to have any internal means to control the font size. Searching in Chrome for information on tool bar fonts referenced a windows 8 control and somthing like it in windows 10 (my OS) but the instructions for resetting that default didn't work or I was not able to find it.

Does anybody have an idea about what's going on here?




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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
You can try adjusting the "scaling"
Click Start Button, select "Settings" -> System -> Display from left column.
The rest is a matter of experimentation, under the Title "Scale and layout" use the drop down arrow and choose an option, start with 125% and see what that may or may not accomplish to address this issue.

I have a friend who is at that age, where he needs glasses but won't admit that he needs glasses, so.....
I remote'd into his laptop and using the "Resolution" drop down arrow and experimented by sampling a few different settings until we managed to find something he really liked.
You'd have thought that I cured cancer. He was delighted. Personally I thought everything was way to big but he loved it, but then I admitted to myself a long time ago that I needed glasses.

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