Trouble downloading photos from iPhone to Win10

Jun 11, 2018
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I don't know if this is an Apple problem or a Microsoft problem.

Before Win10, downloading iPhone photos to my laptop was easy: Connect the iPhone to a USB port, specify a prefix for the filenames, and it flew. "Something" remembered which pics had been downloaded before and didn't download them again.

Now, it doesn't provide the prefix ability, but it does provide a grouping feature - by week, month, or year - which does not appeal to me at all. The big problem is that the download is erratic. It processes an indeterminate number of photos, significantly fewer than what is waiting for download in the iPhone, then quits with an error popup. Starting over repeats with a different group of photos. In addition, it no longer checks for previous downloads.

I'm sure that the controlling logic for this is in the PC, not the iPhone. I would like to back up to a previous version if there is no other fix. I started with Win10 along with a new Dell laptop, but I can't see blaming Dell for this in any way.


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