Troubleshooting Not Functioning as well as other things

May 12, 2018
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Hey everyone. Probably because I only utilize Defender and no other antivirus or malware program but most likely because I do stupid stuff, I have managed to do something to the Windows 10 Troubleshooter. When I try to troubleshoot an issue recently, I get the following message: "An Error has occurred. The troubleshooting wizard can't continue" with an error code of 0x80070003 but occasionally the message says that my version of Windows doesn't have this capability (or something along those lines). I am completely inexperienced in anything but the simplest of things, but have no fear of trying anything to fix a problem. Therefore, I have followed the instructions I have been able to find online to rectify the problem, none of which resolved the issue. The problem with the troubleshooter began with either an update or when I tried to connect a router to my laptop and cell phone. I live in a rural mountain town where WiFi is not connectable by anyone that I have looked into so I am forced to use a hotspot through my cellular provider,

Simultaneously when the troubleshooter failed, I began to have a slowing of my download speed (it's something ridiculously slow like .07 mbps with an upload speed of 06 mbps as well as being unable to access sites on the internet except at an abysmally slow speed. I had exceeded my data usage and was being throttled by my carrier so I upped my plan to 50 gbs per month. As of 8/2, I have used 19gbs trying to download either something like music or a film, something that I hadn't experienced before when WFi was an option. (Incidentally, when I tried to hook up the router with my cvell phone and laptop, I stopped being able to access the internet through my cellular hotspot in spite of disconnecting the router and i could not make outgoing calls which led me factoryr reset the phone. That did nothing and then the phoneo literally "blew up" as in it began to smoke and went completely dead. I was forced to purchase a new phone and am connected via the hotspot..

These are just a couple of things that are going on. I have also experienced an inability to stay on one task as the application I am on logs into an unopened one, iI am sometimes unable to open a program that I had been in before and need to log out and log myself back in, among other things. I got my version of Windows 10 through a computer repair store who installed it after I purchased a used Lenovo Think Pad which had Windows 10 but it would not let me log into it because it was set up for a domain. I wasn't provided with a product key for Windows 10 which prevents me from contacting Microsoft Online Support and the computer repair shop has not returned my numerous calls.

Can anyone assist me with an easy way to resolve my problems? As I said, I have no fear of trying anything provided I have good directions to follow.

Thanks a bunch for any assistance I am provided.
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May 6, 2015
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Does your town have a public library or school with a fast connection you can use? To make it easier to do the diagnosis?

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