Updates making things worse?

May 25, 2016
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Firstly, I am not a great computer wizard, very much a plot and bash type, so cannot fathom out a lot of things. My problem is the last 2 "essential" updates, which I could not stop from automatically installing themselves. (it appears we don't have a choice anymore). But, after the first installation, the start button, bottom left, did not seem to work as before, (left click did nothing), Contana stopped working, and I could not find the settings screen for selecting Wi-Fi input. (I switch between BT Fon and my Router). Having liked it as it was I used System Restore and went back to before the (upgrade). Very happy again, situation as I have got used to and liked. Yesterday, it insisted on another Update which I could not stop it doing and, hey presto, back one step, to as above, i.e. no Contana, no start button, no simple Wi-Fi access. Is it me, are there a new set of rules, is there a new instruction, and how can I get to choose what upgrades I want. I bought the system because I liked it as it was, I do not really want it altered



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Nov 19, 2013
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This would seem to be another instance of a Windows Update producing some type of corruption to the user profile that is being used (logged on) while the update is being processed (applied).
IF you have the time, patience and interest in attempting an experiment you might want to give this a try.
First, as you've done previously, roll back using a system restore point prior to the problem occurring and make sure that your user profile functions normally as it has in the past.
Create a new user, as a member of the local administrators group (not a standard user).
Go to
Right click it and choose run as administrator
At the admin command prompt type
net user JohnSmith /add
hit enter
then type
net localgroup administrators JohnSmith /add
hit enter
hit enter
Restart and log in as JohnSmith

As the new "JohnSmith" user, manually check for Windows Updates
Let the computer catch up on any pending outstanding updates and then
reboot and check the JohnSmith account and see if it is suffering the same problem
Log off as JohnSmith and log on normally with your own user account and see if the problem is present there.
You don't have to name the new user "JohnSmith" you can call it anything you want but since you'll probably be getting rid of it shortly after testing, it hardly matters. You can call it UpdateGuy, the point is.... it doesn't matter since it is only a test, which may prove fruitful or may not.

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