UPS Question Re Auto Shutdown

Dec 4, 2017
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I just ordered two Eaton UPS units.
One for our iMac, and one for a new W10 pc that another family member uses.

Haven't received them yet, but thought I'd ask now:

I read that for the Mac, no need to load any of the Eaton UPS software,
as it is possible to set the mac to automatically turn itself off after a pre-determined
time that you can set. All you need is the USB cable from the UPS to the pc.
True ?

If so, does W10 have a similar option (no UPS software needs to be loaded) ?

How would one go about this for W10, please ? (I think I am set for the mac in how to do it)

Sep 26, 2017
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Don't know about the Eaton brand but use a couple three of APC and one Tripp-Lite, never shut them down unless the commercial power fails. Their purpose is to accommodate an orderly shutdown of computers to avoid loss of date, battery charge in them depends upon what is plugged into the Battery side and doesn't last long, anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. And most printer makers say not to plug into them, especially laser printers as they draw a lot of power [you can always reprint later]. Also put things like the speakers, lamps, etc., on the Surge side. Probably good to review what your ISP uses, they may also lose power so the Internet will be down in the same situation as your computer. My ISP [Wireless DSL] has power feed from a different provider from that of my house. A UPS does provide a nice piercing alarm when the power goes off so one gets aware of the situation quite quickly.


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