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Mar 1, 2023
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Hi All! I have a problem:

Fujitsu Lifebook U748 laptop Windows 10 20H2 build 19042.2364

Micron 1100 NVMe drive, excellent condition, checked by the manufacturer's utility, but was encrypted with Bitlocker, the problem was observed in the encrypted state, after decryption it remained.

The system boots up and works, programs start, but after entering the user password (no matter which - domain user, or local administrator), no desktop elements are displayed - neither icons, nor the taskbar, the Win + E explorer does not work.

By Ctrl-Alt-Del, the task manager starts, from it through File-New Task - explorer the explorer does not start, but you can start the Control Panel with the control command, then go to the explorer with the up arrow and then it works fine.

When you try to enter any section of System Settings, for example, in User Settings, the system returns the error "explorer.exe class is not registered"

The sfc /scannow command in the console from the built-in administrator returns a message that corrupted files were found, but some could not be restored. The CBS.log file has many entries about corrupted files, including .mui files like this:

Cannot repair member file [l:12]'dmdskmgr.dll' of Microsoft-Windows-DiskManagement-Snapin, version 10.0.19041.1, arch amd64, nonSxS, pkt {l:8 b:31bf3856ad364e35} in the store, file is missing

Cannot repair member file [l:14]'dot3mm.dll.mui' of Microsoft-Windows-Dot3MM.Resources, version 10.0.19041.1, arch amd64, culture [l:5]'de-DE', nonSxS, pkt {l :8 b:31bf3856ad364e35} in the store, file is missing

Attempts to restore the integrity of the system via DISM restore-health, neither online nor with a local wim file, taken from Windows distributive, pass up to 63% of progress and return the error "source not found" in both cases - they took the wim file from the Windows installer, and converted from esd - not matter.

It is highly desirable to restore the system, because. corporate laptop, domain, it has several user profiles, enough proprietary licensed programs are installed, the activation of which will be associated with additional time costs for many people, there is also a lot of user data.

Who else can advise: what Google recommends about DISM tried everything - it does not see the source and that's it, neither online nor locally.

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