Stop Windows asking for username and password

Jan 3, 2023
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every time i reinstall windows does the username or password show up every time or is it because it was backed up? and how do I remove it when I reinstall Windows so that the old Username does not appear, after that it asks for the password because if I put the password and I don't know it, I can't reinstall Windows and you have to enter the password from Windows, I think I also have an SSD, so How. do what? and i got rufus and it still doesn't work. the license is saved.

sorry but I speak Romanian.

every time I reinstall Windows it gives me the username. that I have, it doesn't give me when I reinstall Windows, it gives me the username, it gives me the password, it does NOT give me the name that I already created, I can't create it when reinstalling, I still have it when I reinstall Windows.

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