SOLVED Can someone tell me how to put back the Windows 10 Pro Recovery partition with all the necessary files ?

Apr 9, 2021
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Hello everyone,

I have an Asus Z590 motherboard and tried to install the Intel RST Premium driver with Intel Optane system accelerator (RAID), but then I went back to the standard AHCI controller.

However by making this change, a "D" drive appeared to me which is supposed to be the Windows 10 Recovery partition that was previously hidden.

Trying to hide the drive that appeared to me "D", that is the Recovery drive, now I have this drive but it is empty (without any files inside it), someone can tell me how to put the partition back in place recovery with all the necessary files ?

I also connected to the system an HP Officejet Pro 6830 multifunction printer which has an integrated usb port.

Before, in system management, together with hard disks, the unit of the printer USB port appeared fixed to me, while now the unit appears to me ONLY if I insert a key into the printer's USB port and this is not good...

Someone help me to re-install the Windows 10 Recovery partition with all the necessary files inside and to make the USB port of the printer appear fixed to me together with the hard disk drives in the devices and drives panel ?

Thanks to those who have the patience and the competence to help me...


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