Using Windows 10 for a Virtual Pipe Organ

Aug 11, 2021
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I have an application for Windows 10 Pro running on an Intel NUC. It is an unusual application in that it is running a Virtual Pipe Organ that is typically played by an organist, who cannot be expected to do anything, except use the organ ON-OFF switch. This application is similar to having a computer remotely located that must operate with minimal human intervention.

The application must run with or without a keyboard, monitor or mouse being present or accessible 10 and powered up. When the organist is finished playing, they just turn the organ OFF, removing power from the computer. When the organ is turned ON again, it must restart on its own and be ready to play, as quickly as possible, ideally in less than a minute. Windows 10 CAN NOT request an MS Account Name, User Name, or Password. The organist has no idea of or ability to provide them. Internet access is NOT available after initial setup and configuration.

In the past, I have used Windows 7 or XP and configured them to work. Incidentally, Windows needs to not be allowed to do any “housekeeping” of any sort during organ programs that could cause even the slightest interruption of the music.

On application of power, the following must happen:

1. NUC powers up automatically (BIOS setting)

2. Windows 10 Pro loads. If there has been a sudden power interruption and Windows 10 goes into SAFE mode, it must start NORMALLY with only a few seconds, delay. (This is configurable in W7)

3. Windows 10 loads and runs specified Application.

Any suggestions and advice about how to configure Windows 10 Pro for this application would be appreciated.


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