Video files dropping like flies....

Oct 1, 2020
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Is anyone aware of any problems with video files corrupting while just sat there on a hard drive?

I have 2 gopro cameras (Hero 5 and Hero6) which work fine and the videos work great for several months.
I keep backups of them on a couple of 6tb external hard drives and 1 internal 4tb drive on a 2nd PC.

This week I came to use some of the file and about 60% will not play on VLC the other 40% are fine.
When I dragged out the backups the same files on those drives were the same even though they were backed up while working.....
I then tried the 4tb drive in the 2nd PC, the same files again wont play.....
It's not just the Gopro videos, some 3d movies and other films I have stored are playing up too.

Im on the latest windows 10 with an Nvidia GTX1650 graphics card. I was using USB3 External Drives to backup but the 4tb backup was done using internal sata connections in 1 PC.

Is it Windows 10 doing something crazy with Codecs? Large video files over 1gb? USB3 hard drives?
Is it because these files were originally uploaded via a laptop I dont have any more and my new PC isnt happy?
Could it be a quirk with the graphics drivers (PC 2 has a GTX2080)
This happened 12 months earlier with regular video files I had hence the backups to 6tb drives.....
I'm pulling my hair out now as I took precautions and still got bitten.

Stellar video recovery doesnt work on these files.

Help would be appreaciate :-(


Oct 2, 2014
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Have you tried a different video player? I've got some very large video files of different formats that have been stored for years (some on a usb3 external hdd, some on an old 5400 rpm laptop drive), and they play fine, even using vlc. I'd try reinstalling vlc first. Maybe a codec got corrupted or something (just a wild guess though).

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