Wake from sleep, BSOD's

Sep 11, 2015
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I see several posts concerning computers not waking from sleep. I have the same problem with my ASUS U46e laptop with i5 processor and 8 gb ram. I no longer let my laptop sleep, I just shut it down every time, which is a real pain. None of the suggestions I have read seem to provide a complete solution. I am to the point of restoring to windows 7, which seemed to run fine and I never got BSOD, which occurs quite often with window 10 home. Tonight I got WDF violation, unexpected store exception, every time its a different problem when BSOD appears. I am to the point I wish Microsoft had windows 10 shoved, ok can't say that here, but you guys know how I feel. Seem like every time you try to get help they want to charge $139 or $160 for someone to fix your system and you have to give them full access to your system, which I do not like.


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