When UWF is activated on Windows 10 device, the application throws error while querying SQL Server Compact 4.0 sdf

May 25, 2019
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My C# application is built using .Net framework 4.6.1 which uses sdf database file from SQL Server compact 4.0. When it is installed in a folder that is not protected by UWF in Windows 10 device, it runs fine. But if it is installed under a folder that is UWF-protected, the application throws an error System.Data.SqlServer.Ce.SqlCeError with a message "The file resolves to a path that is too long. The maximum length is 260 characters."

The same application runs fine if the sdf is from SQL Server Compact 3.5. But, we cannot move back to SQL 3.5. Can you please help me find the reason and provide a solution.

Thanks in advance


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