Where are my apps & tiles going?

Sep 10, 2015
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I've had issues with my Lumia 950, culminating with the unit being replaced under warranty. This time, I populated it from my cloud backup of my Lumia 930 & everything worked like a bought one - for a while. Suddenly, I had back all the images I'd backed up over several years and a very familiar start screen.

About a week ago, I used my Yahoo mail (not for the first time) from the tile, posted a message, only to find the next day that tiles for both my Yahoo & Live Emails were gone, deleted, leaving blanks on the screen. I tried to resuscitate the Yahoo account by deleting it & reconstituting it in my settings, only to find that there seems to be no way to pin it to the start menu. The yahoo app that used to reside in my all apps list on the 930 certainly isn't here on the 950, but whether it ever was or has recently deleted itself is a moot point.

Right now, I have the yahoo account as a favourite on Edge & could pin it to start from there, but in that case, it would only have a tedious guess-which-favourite-you've-pinned-here e symbol like the other half dozen that have been created by this windows 10 phone if I reduce it to the smallest icon size as I would prefer to do. The symbols that rolled in from the 930 & stuck have location identifiable tiles.

Is this all part of the new world, or should I be able to do better?


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