Win10 Taskbar problems and startup apps not starting

Aug 2, 2015
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Hi All. Hopeing you guys can help with this. I did an inplace upgrade from windows 8.1 which was running ok. The computer is quite slow and it isn't performing as expected. For one. The taskbar which I have a number of apps Pinned to just has a blank bar, the icons are there as I can see the icons names when I hover the mouse over them. This makes it very difficult to find my preferred apps. Also the clock is messed up on the bottom right. See picture

Secondly Apps that are set to run on Startup such as Dropbox, Drive, AntiVirus, Media Server etc etc. don't run. when I check the config and the start-up tab in Task Manager they are set to start but they don't. Very annoying. any ideas?


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