Wind 10 and Surface go, and software problem

Dec 11, 2020
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Two or three months ago we did a Restore on a cranky Surface Go. Solved the basic problem but left another one. It had a good working copy of Libby, the android library book access program. It runs after installing Blue Stack, which is an android synthesizer, which allows Libby to run on a PC. After the Restore several of the programs on the Go were deleted as expected, HOWEVER there is some residue of Libby somewhere. It is an app installed from Google Play Store. Trying to reinstall Libby through the store brings up a Libby screen saying that it is already installed, which is not the case as it will not Run and I can find no evidence of it anywhere. I was hoping to uninstall it, but it never appears in Add Remove, so I can't do that. Suggestions please. Thanks in advance. Roving

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