Windows 10 Audio Problems

Sep 23, 2016
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I've been having a number of problems since I updated to Windows 10. Everything became very slow and at one stage it took a few minutes just to open a photo.

Sometimes when I play a video on something like youtube I discover the sound has suddenly vanished and sometimes the video plays slowly like it's in slow motion.

I have a desktop pc and I've linked it to my tv using an HDMI cable and the sound comes from the tv speakers. To switch between watching terrestial tv and using the tv as a monitor I press TV/AV on my remote. I've noticed that since updating to windows 10 if my computer goes to sleep then it automatically switches from using my tv as a monitor to going onto terrestial tv when it didn't do that before.

Quite often when the audio disappears I just need to restart my computer and the audio will be working again. I found an audio troubleshooter which said it had updated something but I'm still having these problems.

Is this to do with Windows 10 or could it be something else?

Thanks for any help.


Oct 2, 2014
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Go to the Sound settings and choose playback devices. Select your HDMI output and select Properties. If you have an Enhancements tab, go to it and Disable All Enhancements. See if that helps.

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