Windows 10 issues with dual graphics cards.

Dec 20, 2019
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Big number of people have problems with switchable graphics on their laptops, Including me. It is very strange and frustrating.

I have HP Pavilion DV76c00. Intel Core I7, 2.2 GHz, 8GB RAM. Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 300 and AMD Radeon HD 7400M.
Operating system - Windows 10 64bit, DirectX 12.

My games are crushing. I'm able to lunch some of them only using minimal graphics settings. Decided to try War Thunder and once I tried to launch it, I figured out that it was using integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 instead of dedicated AMD Radeon HD 7400.
Then I tried to solve the issue. Researched a lot. Configured ATI Catalist Control Center, Switchable Graphics, adjusted power plan to high performance, did all was possible to force my system to use dedicated GPU for games. I even changed dynamic switchable graphics option to fixed switchable graphics in BIOS setup to somehow manually select operating GPU, but without any success.

The thing is that switchable graphics option allows you to chose between designated power saving or high performance GPUs for particular application. Logically, if laptop has integrated and dedicated GPUs, windows should use weaker integrated as a power saving GPU and more capable dedicated as high performance GPU. That is what Dedicated GPUs are meant for in dual graphics card setups.

But .....
When I tried to assign GPUs to specific applications from windows settings instead of Catalist Control Cener (Settings > System > Display > Graphics Settings) I found that it shows only integrated Intel HD Graphics both as power saving and High performance GPU. My dedicated GPU AMD Radeon HD 7400 is not designated as high performance GPU of my system. I also can not find it in Dxdiag, although it is listed Device Manager as well as in System Information > Components > Display.

My AMD Radeon HD 7400 does not seem to have any problem, I have latest drivers installed. I checked it in AMD Settings. I double checked it with GPU-Z. Everything seems to be fine with it.

Does anyone have an idea what can be the problem ?
Thanks in advance


Jan 27, 2016
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Issues can be caused by Compatibility issues... since both CARDS are not close to being equal. then use compatibility mode.
solves many graphic issues..

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