Windows File Sharing Issues, "The network path was not found"

Jun 13, 2019
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I am about to pull my hair out, been trying to network 2 computers for most the day and still am not having any luck... Here is what I have done, and with the new SMB change im not even sure what is and isnt needed..

I have on both computers, opened sharing to public, private, and all networks, turned network discovery on, turned off password authentication on both boxes. Disabled both firewalls.

They are in the same work group, my desktop, I can sometimes log into the share using the //servername/ but it always prompts me for my password, I do enter it and it connects. However it does not allow me to map to the drive. When I try I get
"the network path was not found"

Also this computer my Desktop, will find my work laptop running windows 7 in the Network tab in file explorer, but not the HTPC, or itself. What is odd is when doing the grant access wizard, I clicked the option to see all shares on PC. Clicked that, and it showed me 4 shares. When I try to open them again I get the
"the network path was not found"
And this is a local share.....

When trying to share folders on the PC's, I tried the normal sharing tab, gave my user accounts, everyone and guest to the all the accounts. After setting this up I cannot access them doing //desktop/ or //htpc/, I get
"The network path is not found"
I tired to force the issue through the "Grant Access" wizard, share the folder then click the option, and no luck either.

On my HTPC in the network tab in file explorer I can see both my work laptop and itself. I can even authenticate into my work laptop.

So I am pretty much at a loss, I honestly just would like to map the shares to each other but I have had no luck getting that to work, I dread setting up winscp for this, but at this point im about to do it, b/c this is beyond enraging.

Before anyone checks in with the mandatory try the search feature I already did and have about 20 tabs open but nothing has directly helped.

Cheers to anyone who can help!!
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