Windows 10 issues with start menu and explorer since the update first week in August

Aug 15, 2015
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I like many others downloaded Windows 10 or had it downloaded automatically on July 29. It also was downloaded on my second laptop and has had no problems. But on my first laptop, the one I really use, and after the update a few days later; I found that I had no access to the start menu which means for me no access to the control panel. Also if I click on internet explorer I get a box stating that it is not registered I have tried to reboot, and also have tried reloading Windows 10. If I use control-alt-delete, and re-start it or if I follow some suggestions and use task manager and eliminate explorer.exe and then re-add it back or just reboot the machine, I can see the start menu for about 7-10 seconds before it is gone. I can see the machine spinning and loading something and then I am back to square one. I do not have access to Cortana either. I moved quickly after a restart and got to settings to try to go back to Windows 7 and was informed the file were gone, and few seconds later I was back t square one. Most of my apps work ok but the machine is running very slowly reaching sites on the internet. It spins for along time and my other machines are fine with the internet access. Not being highly skilled with computers I am way over my head with no solution. I am afraid that I am going to have to re-install Windows 7 and then reload everything else which will be hours. It seems to me that I am very close to having the machine run correctly, and there must be an easy fix, it is just over my head.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

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