Windows 10 Reserved partition bot created in clean install

May 15, 2021
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Hi Friends this is my first post.
I have an old intel i3 desktop PC , I have deleted system partition and OS partition created by earlier windows 7 pro X32 system.
Since I was having digital license already in place , I simply installed windows 10 pro in my 120GB SSD. ( SSD was having 2 partitions , I deleted only OS and system reserved partition)
OS installation was smooth and everything is fine. However windows has not created system partition(s) and only a single windows OS partition is created.
Since I am in Data security , Data Recovery domain ,I want my system rock solid , stable and fully capable to take any technical support request.
I had issues installing drivers for intel integrated VGA2500 / HP 1020 /Cannon scanner , somehow everything is finished now .
I want to deal extensively with Bitlocker as well.
From expert members of the forum I would like to know whether it is OK not having system reserved partitions for bitlocker and overall windows boot stability , troubleshooting etc.
Thank you.
Oct 26, 2016
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I personally had always one system partition without the recovery partition on it and have never had any issues coming from that and I am doing it this way since Windows XP.

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