Windows 10 Search (Cortana) Not Working Well, Flaky At Best

Jul 20, 2016
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Hi all

So this is a well known issue with a plethora of other users reporting it. I've experienced this on around 90% of all Windows 10 PC's I've worked on and configured/built so the problem is very prevalent and I'm at a loss to explain why this hasn't been fixed yet as it's utterly annoying.

I created a short video depicting the exact issue, please have a look...

Does any one have a solution that works?

As this is a brand new installation (not in-house upgrade) of Windows 10 AND the fact that I see this on around 90% of other Windows 10 machines, I think sharing the spec of this particular PC is rather useless but here goes anyway...

Windows 10 Pro, domain joined.
2x500GB SSD in RAID 1
ASUSTek P8P67 DELUXE motherboard with an i7 Intel CPU

Thanks for reading/viewing



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