Windows 10 updates keeps installing older Intel Xe and other Graphics display driver in a loop.

Jan 21, 2018
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If you are having the Intel Xe Graphics Driver or any other graphics from Intel and you get a loop problem like I've experienced on my Acer Nitro 5 AN515-56 running Win-11 (this also happens in Win-10 btw) as my laptop runs the Intel Xe graphics and you can't use the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant to update to a new Intel Xe Graphics or other version graphics drivers, as Windows Update keeps reinstalling the old and previous Intel Xe or other Intel graphics drivers, just as an example and in my case, it keeps reinstalling the Intel version: and keeps deleting the new installed Intel Xe graphics driver version: dated 7/11/2022 that the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant installed. To fix this problem 100% from "Windows Update" doing this and not rolling back the driver Download Windows Update MiniTool - MajorGeeks and install this freeware as this software will fix and stop this problem of the old Intel driver from being installed in a loop in Windows Update as it deletes these updates from Windows Update, you can also use this software as a Windows Update to be able to chose all drivers that you want and don't want as an alternative scan. Just wanted to let all community members know as the official Intel Solution to this problem at "Windows* Update Reverting to an Older Graphics Driver" does not fix anything as this problem and their solution does not work as the loop will continue, cheers and hope this helps many members out.

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