Windows 10 Upgrade stuck at 75% with Configuring settings 2%

Jun 28, 2016
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I think I have tried nearly every trick to get past a Windows 10 Upgrade stuck at 75% with Configuring settings at 2%. Here's the run down. Upgrade is from licensed Windows 7 Pro.

1) McAfee has been deleted, and no antivirus is running.
2) Created Windows 10 Media on DVD.
3) Updated BIOS on Dell Latitude E6420 laptop to current version.
4) Running laptop with no USB devices, no external monitor, no docking station, no Ethernet cable, wireless card turned off.
5) Emptied C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder.
6) Ran Window 10 media setup from the DVD.
7) Selected NOT to download updates.
8) Removed DVD when laptop shutdowns for first reboot.

These are all tips I have found at various places. Still cannot get past 75%. This is my second day at trying the upgrade. I do not want to do a "clean install", because I do not want to lose any installed software.

Any more ideas>
Oct 13, 2015
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Under #1 have you used the uninstaller for McAfee or did you uninstall through Windows uninstall program? It's best to use the uninstaller from the maker of the program.
#4 says no ethernet cable and wireless card turned off. Try the upgrade with a wired connection to the internet. It's possible that the Win 10 install has gotten to a point where it needs to contact "home" to proceed further.
Just a couple ideas that might help. Good luck.

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