Windows 10 User Account Deleted. Please Help

Jun 26, 2019
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I recently had to pawn my laptop computer to be able to pay my rent, I picked it back up yesterday and noticed that since they assumed I was not going to pick it back up (I was late on the last payment by one day) they deleted my user account, now none of my program files have changed but my desktop is completely empty as well as all my document files that were a part of that user account. I noticed they used a software called "System Saver, Pawn Edition" which is from White Canyon Software (Pawn Shop Software - WhiteCanyon Software
My question is this, Is there a way to recover all those files by simply restoring that user account? and is restoring that user account even possible? If so what is the easiest way to go about this? I have already run system restore back to the date that they installed that software, it took about 2 hours for the restore to complete but it did not change my user account back to what it was before. I really need those files that were on the desktop as I am a graphic designer and it contained tons upon tons of custom vector designs that I have amassed over the years, they are really irreplaceable. I have installed data recovery software such as MiniTool and EaseUS but I cannot seem to find a way within those programs to recover my old desktop folders. Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help me figure this out as I have exhausted all my know-how and attempts thus far.

Another question, if I use a recovery software is there a particular file or directory I should look for that will contain my old use account data? Something such as where I could restore something that would give me my old user account back?



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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
From the link you provided
Clean personal data before reselling the computer, fast

  • Prepare the computer for sale by permanently erasing all personal data while keeping the operating system and programs intact
  • Eliminate your borrower's risk of identity theft by erasing all personal data
  • Lower your risk of legal action due to identity theft
  • Remove all software passwords
  • Borrowers will be more comfortable knowing their personal data will be securely deleted if the computer is sold
  • Decrease the time to prepare computers for resale
  • Uses the same WipeDrive technology used by the U.S. Department of Defense
I suspect that if you have not secured your data by backing it up to an external resource, it is most likely lost.
IF they applied the wipe to that area of the drive containing your personal data, not only was it deleted but that area has been overwritten multiple times randomly with ones and zeros, rendering it unrecoverable.

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