Windows Hello not recognizing fingerprints HP SOLVED!!!

Mar 8, 2016
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Computer - HP Envy DV7 laptop

After 2 days of effort I finally have Windows Hello working.

Reviewed and tried numerous approaches including the following without luck:

1) Removed HP SimplePass (due to apparent conflict with Windows Hello as noted on various forums)
2) Removed fingerprint scanner driver and installed new Synaptics Driver (as suggested on various forums)
3) Removed existing fingerprints and PIN then created anew to reset Windows Hello (as per yet other advice online).
4) Rebooted, restarted numerous times in various orders with the above actions.

Nothing worked. Till today where I came across some subtle advice on a Windows forum by accident.

The key is after resetting Windows Hello pin and fingerprints:

a) logout of Windows 10 (signout or restart or power off and power on)
b) Use your useraccount name and password to sign into Windows 10 (i.e. do not sign in with your Pin or fingerprint)
c) Logout then login with fingerprint stored in Windows Hello.

OMG. So much of my life wasted on trivia. Hope this post helps others avoid the same pain.



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Nov 19, 2013
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Welcome to the forum David and thanks for sharing that information.
Much appreciated.

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