Windows Not Releasing Application

Nov 26, 2017
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For all the grumpy old persons who still use keyboard commands instead of mousing all the time, I have a bit of information. It concerns the desktop icons.

When I run an application by clicking the icon, I could always press the Down cursor to select the icon immediately underneath. Then I could press Enter to run that application. I was a happy guy. I used the mouse just once, and then ran through other applications mouse-less.

Windows 10 changed all that. No longer do the icons retain the highlight after the application has run.
I learned, by accident, that when I hit Windows-M, a shortcut for Minimize All Applications, the highlight returns to the previously used icon. The cursor keys can then be used to move to the next icon. This puts me back to the old normal.

But I don't like it. I'm minimizing non-existing applications, and modifying my behavior to compensate for the quirks of Windows.

My question is: Is there a setting somewhere that will make Windows release the application when the application is closed?

This is not only Windows 10. I have experienced this problem on several Windows 7 systems. Pressing Windows-M brings back the highlights on every system I've tried it on.

I'm hoping somebody has an understanding of the inner workings of Windows, and can help.

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