Windows reboots with Critial_error after sign in

May 6, 2016
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Fresh ISO install on a freshly formatted computer. Installed some legitimate (media production) software. System seems to be stable and working great over a bunch of reboots. Then, attempt to sign in and while signing in will reboot and will continue to reboot upon log in.

Safe mode does not work - same problem, but instead gives a BSOD and error CRITICAL_ERROR.
Ubuntu boots and runs fine using a different ssd.

Just spent a day installing software, really don't want to reinstall again. Help.


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Nov 19, 2013
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Safe mode does not work - same problem, but instead gives a BSOD and error CRITICAL_ERROR
Hello and welcome to the forum.
Without a means to boot your computer without it looping or BSOD'ing your options are limited.
You might be able to boot from the installation media and use the Advanced Troubleshooting Options to perform a system restore to your oldest available restore point, but....
While that would protect your personal data, any programs installed after the restore point was created will be lost and need to be re-installed.
1. What source did you use to obtain the ISO?
2. Is it the latest version of Windows 10 (build 10586 or build 10240)?
3. Do you have any reason to suspect a problem with the hard disk you are using for the Windows 10 installation (CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED usually would mean some serious corruption in the registry or minimally with some OS files)
4. Have you checked with the System Manufacturer to confirm that you are currently using the latest BIOS available for that system?

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