10 working pretty well now

Jul 4, 2015
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Well I been playin around with this since the 30th, and am now at 98.5% :) Today I managed to get my little Intel PROset WIFI tray icon back :), yesterday I figured out how to get my games to work, and by next week I should be back to 100% when COMODO puts their "fix" out to get my network connection back working on COMODO security suite firewall :).

So far I'm happy with the OS, I did hope MS would add the AERO back, I read someplace they were going to. I happen to like it, I don't use my machine for "work" only, and its MY machine, not some Co. owned thing.

Only thing that still bugs me is the booting, man, since I installed 10 it takes at least 2 or 3 min for the extended monitor to even show the welcome screen.

Today I was able to focus from the technical side to the fun side, and made me a new desktop to go along with the new OS :)
Windows 10 hoody.jpg

all in all I'm feelin pretty good with 10 :)

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