2 PC's Bricked on January 1st 2023

Jan 29, 2023
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My main Windows 10 pc was left on over night like normal and in the morning of 01 Jan 2023 it had completely died.
The PC was very reliable for 10 years and I'm wondering if this is a virus or corrupted OS update, as it was due an update to Windows 22H2 OS etc.

The symptoms of this PC are now as follows:
I have to unplug the machine, as it does not power off.
As soon as turned on at the mains it powers on without touching the power switch and will not turn off.
Fans spin on processor but no lights on front of PC.
Nothing but black screen and unable to enter firmware or bios.
Removing CMOS battery has no effect.

Assuming the PC was just old and died, I then transferred one of the SSD drives to another i7 machine I purchased 2nd hand as a replacement.
I set it to boot from the old SSD and to my horror, the new machine which was working fine now has similar symptoms and seems completely bricked too!

I have now sealed the 1st SSD drive in a plastic bag with a "do not use" label and purchased a 3rd machine, as I would like to attempt to save the 2nd SSD drive from the original machine, as it has important data and configuration for dev work etc however, I am concerned that this could have come through to the other drive too, and I do not wish to brick a 3rd PC as this is getting rather expensive.

The 2 SSD drives were both bootable but not visible to each other from each OS when this happened, but if this is a firmware virus, I am concerned it could have damaged both drives.

Does anyone know if there's a way to do the following:

Scan the SSD in an isolated environment for viruses?

Scan the SSD to check for a corrupted OS before booting from it?

Any help extremely appreciated.


Dec 25, 2015
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try a sata2usb adapter it will plugin as usb drive should show file ok then run virus scanner
you can clear the bios there is a jumper on the motherboard or you can remove the bios battery or better still replace it in you older machine may be the old machine bios chip has died.
Have you tried clearing memory unplug power hold down the power button for 30 scconds or so reseat memory chips

can't thing of much else to try.
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