After 4 years Windows is final getting it right.

May 15, 2019
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I was one of the first to get Windows 10. Everything went wrong, it was terrible. I went back to Windows 7.
linux mint has really improved over the pass 4 years. I really like using mint 19.1 , put a Chrome browser on it , it is pretty good.
There is a program I have to use in Windows and virtual machines just don't cut it.
So I went back to Windows 10, it has really improved. All I had to do was wait 4 years.
I really like Windows 10 now and it suppose to be better with new update the end of this month MAY 2019.
Jun 24, 2015
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Hello bbarnes7,

I like many downloaded the Windows 10 upgrade and yes it had some issues as all OSs do with any 1st release and that is to be expected.

I like many having some issues with Windows 10 decided to shelf my Windows 10 computers.

I recently revisited Windows 10 and found it to offer better control of how updates are installed and delivered.

I finding Windows 10 to be A-OK these days so I will continue to use it and after all the Windows 10 upgrade is free so I can't complain.

I'm also a Linux user and find it to work well for what I use my computer for.

Here's a good read that may be helpful if you are having problems with specific updates although make certain you understand exactly what this is does before applying it.

Life is good. ;)

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