Windows 10 Notifications & actions not working for all applications

May 14, 2019
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Good day, I have the following question. I use Windows 10 v1803.04 on my laptop and I use Pulse Secure on this laptop.
It occurs to me that most of the times there is no notification showing in the right-bottom corner when I sign-in Pulse Secure. Normally that notifications appears briefly and then disappears and winds up in the notification Center at the right. Once connected with Pulse Secure and turning to Settings/System/Notifications & actions the Pulse Secure User Interface-item is default set to "Off". I can put it "On" and the notification will work after that as long as I don't restart my laptop. How can it be set to "On" by default? Is this a known Windows 10 bug and can this be fixed in the registry or otherwise?
I am on Pulse Secure version 5.3.2 (853).
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