After last Windows 10 update, computer lost Outlook 2013 data

Jan 7, 2016
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After the last Windows 10 update early this week my computer lost it's mind. It asked that I register the computer. ALL my desktop files were gone. My Outlook accounts were completely gone. It asked that I add accounts.
I started adding accounts, etc, then did a reboot. After the reboot, the desktop files were back and the Outlook accounts were back. BUT the settings were messed up and all my contacts are gone. I am so frustrated. Thinking about getting rid of Windows 10, even though it is after the 30 days. Every time I boot my computer, I am afraid what I will see. I work out of the house so this is really costing me lots of time and lost money from not being able to work.
Any ideas why in the world that the updates would screw up my Outlook?


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Nov 19, 2013
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First of all we get a few folks suggesting they have a problem with "Outlook" when what they actually mean is the Windows 10 Mail App and not the actual full features Outlook Program / Email Client software that is often part of the Microsoft Office Suite or sometimes purchased separately as a standalone product, so......
IF you mean "Outlook" then "Outlook" maintains your mail and contacts / people / address book in a .pst file you might start by performing a search on your computer for *.pst and see if you can find one or more and check the dates modified and perhaps the size as that might help you identify the missing one.
Otherwise...... If you are talking about the Windows 10 Mail App then your contacts should be in the People App.

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