After upgrade to Win 10-1903. The HDDs detected as Portable Devices in taskbar

Sep 26, 2019
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Hello people.

i have ryzen 1800x + MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon

actually i'm not sure if its bios problem or win10 new update 1903 problem or amd chipset driver problem !
because i did update these three options (bios 7B00v1JN(Beta version)+ amd chipset driver + win 10 build 1903) all together in one hours.
and after several restarts i realised two of my internal hard Drives (TOSHIBA 2TB+ Seagate 2TB)SATA 3&4 have known As Portable devices in taskbar.
i checked into bios for Hot plug and i disabled them (didn't help)
and also i disabled (usb legacy) for all HDDs and SDD (didn't help either)

1-i'm seeing 3 SATA Controller Now !!!
2-for some reason SATA 3&4 Under ASmedia 106x SATA Controller have detected as External Devices in task bar.
3-SATA 1&2 which are under Msi b350 chip controller (detected normaly as internal drives)
4-what must i do to windows 10 Detects my HDDs as normal internal Devises ?
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