After Win. Update: 1 Personalized Settings (not responding) & 2. device manager entry disappearing.

Nov 23, 2017
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My friend witnessed this on my computer in my absence. My Windows 10 did an automatic update today, November 23, 2017, and he first noticed that the computer hung on entry of the 4-digit login PIN (where the picturesque splash screen is displayed). He did a force shut-down, and the update continued upon booting back up. After having entered the login PIN again, he got the message "Personalized Settings (not reaponding)", and then it finally went on to the desktop. He also witnessed that internet pages (wireless network access is set up through a Netgear A1200 WiFi device) were not coming up. A while later, I was informed that there is a red "X" in the taskbar's WiFi symbol location.×

I had noticed myself on prior occasions (I believe after Windows finished an update) that the entire Netgear A1200 device manager entry had just disappeared, and I had to run the Netgear setup software from the installation CD in order to set it back up. I'm suspecting (but an not completely certain) that this 'might" be the reason for the red X. I will find out later on this evening if this is so.

Any help in resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated (on a low budget--don't have access to a support contract).
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