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Apr 11, 2022
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I have:
- 2x0.5TB SSD System RAID,
- 4x0.5TB SSD work-in-progress (WIP) RAID, and
- 2x3TB HDD internal Archive drives.

I move WIP files over to the archive drives whenever I need more WIP space

I manage backups myself manually:
- System & WIP drives are Win7 disk imaged to a permanently attached external (7TB) drive on USB3.0
- Archive drive contents are manually copied to the same external HDD

Which is all fine for me and is a way of working that I like. (I do not want to use File History backups)

But now I want to create an offline (ie. not permanently attached) backup of my external 7TB HDD (which isn't full yet) to 3x2TB external drives...

I can quite easily do more manual copying, but is there an easier way to (effectively) create a disk image of an external large capacity HDD to multiple external low capacity HDDs?

I guess I'm working in a pretty old school way (you know I used to backup to dozens of 8" floppies back in the day) but I like being in charge of exactly when backups get refreshed and I don't want system resources being used in the background to manage backups while I'm working as I guess something like File History would do. I just want to span the backup of one large disk to several small disks... how best can that be achieved please???

Is there some add-on backup software I should be looking at?

Thank you in anticipation]Ant

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