Blue Snowball/Mic Audio Stopping When loading games.

Apr 2, 2018
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Hey whats up everyone, I got a weird one here.

So I use a Blue Snowball microphone but Windows 10 wont let me keep the Blue Snowball driver listed under recording devices and device manager. I am forced to use a USB Class Audio 1.0 2.0 something something driver instead. The microphone does work, the volume is fine etc.

When I unplug and plug the Blue Snowball microphone back in I will get 1 of the following random drivers: Blue Snowball, wlue sno, USB audio device, or USB class audio 1.0 2.0.....

If I get Blue Snowball, wlue sno or USB audio class 1.0 2.0 I see the microphone working in the recording devices, but the USB Audio Device does not work.

When I restart my computer it will revert to the USB Class Audio 1.0 2.0 something driver usually, sometimes keeping blue snowball or wlue sno but heres where the problem comes in.

If im talking in discord and I load steam, a game launcher, or any game that has microphone settings then my microphone instantly stops working in discord and in game. I am forced to close both the game and discord, then launch the game first, discord second.

Not only does the games and game launcher mess up my microphone driver, but something as simple as accidentally unplugging headphones will cause the issue forcing me to a different driver for my microphone just to get it working.

I have tried the microphone on 2 windows 10 computers and it instantly loads the Blue Snowball driver (original driver how it use to be) I have also attempted deleting the listed drivers in device manager, disabling other microphone drivers. As well as resetting windows deleting files and settings.

Something is causing my audio drivers to conflict with programs that use microphones, atleast I think. :( Im getting lost.

If you guys have any ideas to fix this it would be much appreciated. The blue snowball google search is everlasting.
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