Booting to external drive

Jan 6, 2018
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For years I’ve used Clonezilla on external drives to create and manipulate drive image backups like this: First, using Gparted I make two partitions on an external drive, first partition 300MB fat32 for Clonezilla live boot, and the balance ntsf partition to store the images. Next I use Tuxboot to install Clonezilla onto the fat32 partition. Then I restart the pc and boot to the Clonezilla partition and make a drive image of whatever other drive and store it on the ntsf partition; or I restore an image from the ntsf partition to whatever drive. I regularly do this on various Windows pcs - XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, win8.1 Win10. I bought a WD My Passport 2 TB drive and everything goes OK but it will not boot to Clonezilla connected to any usb on any pc as my other external drives faithfully do. The only response is that no os was found. I’ve reformatted and reinstalled various Clonezilla versions. I ran WD diagnostics. I’ve used different cables.
So how do I solve this?

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