Apr 11, 2018
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Hi I have been unable to use my laptop for a few weeks.

The problem started a few weeks ago after an Windows Insider Build Preview Update Slow. Ever since then I try to turn the laptop on but get the dreaded blue screen with the error message telling me that a problem was encountered and that windows needs to restart and now that's all my laptop does. Clearly I can't attemt any of the usual fixes as I can't get to any other options.

It has been suggested to me that I will have to go and pay for new software as it's basically no longer on my laptop. If this is true, thank you very much Microsoft for busting my laptop.

Please help



Sep 22, 2014
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First I have a few questions. 1st; is this your primary computer? 2nd; if so, why are you using the insider program on it? The insider program is basically a beta OS that is used for testing. 3rd; what is the make/model of your laptop?

You might be able to rescue your laptop by using a rescue/recovery DVD from a few sites out there if you can get access to a usable computer and download and burn to a DVD. Or you might be able to do a factory reset following the manufacturers procedure at post beep. That usually involves a few key strokes at post beep to start the manufacturers built in factory reset.

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