Can see home server (with limited access) but cannot connect (0x80070035)

Jun 5, 2018
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I have wrestled with this for weeks with no resolve. Attempting to map network drive, I can see the drive, but browsing on it returns "Windows cannot access \\server," details giving the 0x80070035 error. The server also shows on "This PC," but access is limited to the Pictures, Videos, etc. found in the user account. (The entire server is shared,)
I have gone through several tutorials found on the internet, many simple and a few greatly detailed, all to no avail.
The crux of this is that the server (a Win 7 desktop machine with attached external hard drives, printer, etc.) can be reached by Win 7 and XP laptops on the network, but not the Win 10 laptop.
If there is no resolution for this, my last and very unwelcome option will be reinstalling Windows 10--and will I still be in the same fix if I do reinstall (I am told by Dell, that this Inspiron 15 will not support Windows 7, of which I have several copies).
Would be grateful finding a resolution to this issue.


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