Doesn't fill screen at start of home page

Dec 18, 2017
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Does anyone have a problem with the home page not filling the screen?
After the update a week ago my wife's and my computer doesn't fill the entire screen
when we use the home page button or first start IE 11. If I hit home button again screen
just keeps getting smaller.
Microsoft says it is our cox service provider server .and cox says there is nothing wrong with the server.
I've tried setting icon to maximize. using window, setting then dragging window to full screen.
computer does not remember the setting. no matter what I set in the icon minimize, maximize or regular window
home page always starts with the maximized box in the top right corner.
Have to click that box to the small window then click again to get full screen.
window opens about 1/4 short of bottom of page. If I get a full screen with using button twice
when I click on a link it goes back to short screen

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