Can't Sign Into Windows Store, But I *Am* Signed Into My Microsoft Account

Oct 27, 2016
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(I'm new here, for this reason)

So... I have an app that I want to remove ads from (Redditing for Reddit). When I click the link to remove ads, it starts to open the store, but then that window just closes and... that's it.

So when I open the Windows store, I see I'm not signed in. So I click sign in and... nothing happens... at all. Like there's nothing at the sign in link.

Here's the thing... I'm signed into my Microsoft account. I'm signed in online and that's the account I use to log into my computer. Also, Cortana seems to work fine. So of course I ran the troubleshooter.

First, it said that the store cache and licenses might be corrupt, and resetting will resolve the issue. So I reset. It says that it fixed the issue of the windows store cache being damaged.

I try signing in again and... nothing. At all. I might as well be clicking on a regular line of text instead of a link.

I have Windows 10 Home, version 1607, OS Build 14393.321, on a Dell Inspiron 5558.

(Separately, I can't add a new payment method in my account on the website... the screen just loads and loads and loads. It's not my internet, because other sites load just fine. I use Chrome, and I do have a number of extensions running, but they've never interfered with the page in the past, and I haven't changed my extensions or added new ones since the last time I added a payment method.)

ETA: It does seem to be letting me download free apps. I'm about to try a paid app to see what happens...

ETA2: Trying a paid app... it's stuck on "working"...
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Oct 1, 2014
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If you are running your system with a Microsoft account you should not have to sign into the Store. If you are running with a Local account, you will unless already signed in.

Over time, there have been problems with going from one type of user to the other. If you are using a PIN or bypassing the login screen it may cause other situations.

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