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Aug 11, 2017
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In my windows 10, app fonts are not correct. Because our language is not unicode. how to change app fonts like facebook app?


Mar 4, 2016
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Hi zanhtet,

Welcome to the Forum.

I've never had to face the situation you are in, when the the standard set by the Unicode Consortium which is world-wide accepted, unfortunately does not quite cover the special characters in some languages - including apparently your native language.

Just about all applications today make use of the Unicode Consortium's standard. What this means, is that when a User such as yourself is making use of such an application - such as Facebook which you raised - but your language is not fully covered by the Unicode convention (i.e. some special characters will not display as wanted), these applications then by design will default to the Administrative System Locale Language and treat whatever is set there as the Unicode language.

You may need to adjust this to get fonts in apps like Facebook to work as you want them to.

To do this, do the following in Windows 10:
  • Press Windows key + S together to give focus to your search field
  • In the search field type control panel and press Enter key
  • In the upper right section of the Control Panel select View by: Category
  • Now click on Clock, Language, and Region
  • On the next screen click on Region

  • In the window that opens select the Administrative tab then click on Change system locale button
  • Another dialog will pop up. Click the drop arrow and select the Language (System Locale) you want applications to use as their default, then click OK

At this point you will be prompted to restart computer


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