Corrupted account / Temporary Account / Recovering some datas...

Mar 21, 2023
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Hey everyone, I really need help from an expert. I have made mistakes with my account, and I have several questions. The situation is a bit messy now, so I'll try to be chronological...
1. When I attempt to loggin to my Windows 10 profile, now it always logs me to a temporary account. I have no idea what leads to that mistake. Maybe it's the last update, or maybe it's because I had disabled my anti viruses and firewalls for installing a mod for a game. Anyway, now it always log me to a temporary account.
2. I have attempted to follow tutorials on internet in order to restore it, but none worked.
3. I have followed a tutorial that made me erase my profile account in the registry, and now I'm afraid I made the situation worse. Since I did that, is there even a tiny chance that I can get it back?
4. I have finally created a new profile windows account and I can reach some of my files, except sticky notes where I noted ALL my passwords (not the best thing to do, but I was doing that to be quick) so I lost all my passwords for literally everything, I don't know if there is a way to get the datas of the sticky note back...
5. And the documents folder. I can access the old deskop folder (in users folder), but where is my old document folder? I had importants files there, I hope they haven't been overwritten... Do you know if I can get to my old document folder?
Thank you for your answers...


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