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Mar 8, 2023
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I have a home network with 7 machines - 5 running Win10 Pro & 2 running XP SP3.

All of Win10 machines can access shared folders on 1 of the XP machines without asking
for any credentials.

1 of the Win10 machines can access shares on the other XP machine without asking
for any credentials. The other 4 Win10 machines invoke Credential Manager & ask for credentials.

I have added credentials, but still no access - just keep getting the CM request over & over.
(Note: the 1 machine which can access shares has no entries whatsoever in CM.)

I have scoured the web & this forum for solutions - have tried all the usual stuff such as:
a) valid user name on all machines - even used other user names
b) making sure password protection is turned OFF in network setting
c) firewall is totally disabled for private network
d) making sure SMB 1 is installed on all Win10 machines
e) file permissions are set to allow Administrators & Authenticated Users full control

My goal is to configure the 4 Win10 machines exactly like the 1 machine that has share access
without the need for CM.

Any help will be much appreciated, TIA Joe

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