"Critical Process Died" and new errors

Nov 16, 2017
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Hi guys,
I built this PC last year for my friend's father in law. 6-core AMD FX, 8GB DDR3, dual 1TB WD green's in RAID 1. It's been fine until he got ahold of me last week saying it was stuck rebooting after a power outage at the house. No big deal I think, just needs some startup repair and should be good.
I went over and messed with it for an hour and a half. Did the auto repair, said it was fine. It'd get to the desktop and stay there for varying amounts of time then just black screen reboot, no BSOD. I got it to boot into safe mode and played with it a bit and it seemed ok. Ended up going a clean boot and started turning on services one by one and rebooting. All was good until I turned Malwarebytes back on (which was having errors trying to load on startup anyways) so I uninstalled and reinstalled it and all seemed good. He texted me a couple days later and said it's doing it again.
I picked it up and was messing with it last night. I played with it a bit and got it to BSOD but the error screen went away so fast I couldn't see the error. I kept booting and taking videos with my phone to capture the error and finally got "Critical Process Died." I did an auto startup repair and it said attempting fixes for about 5 minutes then booted normally and everything seemed ok although now suddenly the Malwarebytes license was gone and it said trial version. Then I let it run for a while and did some random web browsing and such and everything was good. I decided to check for updates and there were a couple it needed. One was a cumulative update to version 17xx (I think, don't remember the exact number), one was a defender definition update and I don't recall the third. It seemed to get stuck at 6% downloading so I thought no biggie, it's late so I'll just leave it on (this was about 10PM).
I get up around 2:30 to go to the bathroom and decide to check on it. Lo and behold it's doing it's reboot thing again. I just shut it down at that point to mess with later today.
I also noticed that on startup the RAID utility says a disk is missing. I go in and sure enough one of the 1TB disks shows it's no longer in the array. I couldn't figure out how to add it back and didn't want to chance losing data so I left it for now. I ran a chkdsk while in safe mode the first time the problem happened and it came back clean. The second disk shows up in the system just fine but for whatever reason is no longer in the array and a bootup it says the array is critical because the disk dropped out. If I browse the disk (shows up as drives E and G [recovery and main partitions] where the other disk shows up as C and D) it seems to have the same timestamps for files that the other disk has so I'm not quite sure what's going on.

Where should I go from here? I'm going to attempt another automatic repair when I get home from work and if I can get it to be stable I'll run a backup and maybe just do a fresh install of Windows. Does anyone have any other ideas?


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