Jun 24, 2018
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Does anyone know of a definitive guide to minimizing any white objects such as fonts/backgrounds (i.e. looking at the equivalent of small LED lightglobes) "Dark Reader" extension has been a good start; Inverting colours runs the risk of missing some navigation tools on low grade websites i.e. Boxes req'd to be completed which are black no matter what the background colour is. I also find Google Docs. have unstable colours probably more so when opened via "Edge." The first thing parents or teachers should show children with screen devices should be to establish dark screens and fonts in light colours e.g. grey/green. Similarly when loading an Internet Browser one would think by now that a guide on minimizing or eliminating white light should be prominent. P.S. I just noticed the picture I'm using is an exemplar showing a ludicrously bright section of a screen.
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