Did MS Fix This 8.1 System Imaging Bug in Win 10?


Oct 18, 2014
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Hello all,

In Win 8.1, a System Imaging bug surfaced when trying to create a full system image on a UEFI install. The root cause turned out to be "insufficient free space in the system recovery partition for the shadow volume copy service to function properly." Unfortunately, I cannot test this function because my Win 10 test rig is only capable of a Legacy install which generates a system reserved default size of 350MBs. However, I noticed that it only has 95MBs of free space so I can only assume the new UEFI system reserved partition might have even less free space and might still have that 8.1 free space issue.

So, does anyone know if this issue has been formally resolved by MS in Win 10? Please understand, I am not looking for alternative suggestions here. I switched to a 3rd-party solution as soon as this information was discovered in 8.1 and I am still using same in Win 10.

Here is a link to a lengthly 8.1 discussion in another forum. If I am not permitted to provide such links, please remove:


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