PC did not start correctly

Jan 24, 2018
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Hi everyone, I've run into this issue and have tried many methods and nothing seemed to work ):

I've tried restart and turning off, same issue.
I've tried system restore but there wasn't a restore point.
I've tried command prompt (sfc/scannow), doesn't work.
I've tried startup settings F4 safe mode and F8 disable early launch anti-malware protection, still back to the same page.
Even tried reset and it could not be done.

Is there any hope of retrieving my documents?
Jan 22, 2018
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Hi There's always hope. W10 has several ways to recover. Here's link from MS Community about recovering your operating system.
PS You sated that you tried reset. May I ask how you got to the reset option? Also what happened when you tried reset? The more information you can post, the better suggestions I will be able to give you. What happened when you tried (sfc/ scannow)? You may be looking at reinstalling Windows if your OS has been badly corrupted.
Yes there is a way of retrieving your documents. Two ways I know of, are with a live Linux CD or a docking station or docking cable. Both ways require a lot of work. You can create a media creation tool with another PC, which you can use to repair or reinstall Windows. Let us know how things go and if you have more questions.
You can get the media creation tool here.
https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 PS you may get more suggestions from members latter.
Here's how to use the advanced startup mode where you can get to the reset option! That would be the easiest way to recover Windows and hopefully save your docs.
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