'Empty' folder deletes ok from desktop but keeps coming back.

Feb 15, 2023
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This folder originally contained a hard drive dump backup from a recovered HD. Now the folder only contains 2 apparently empty sub-folders, but the last one contains a hidden 'desktop.ini' configuration file. And I must have deleted the folder 100 times in the last year of so, but it kept reappearing on my desktop. Not immediately. I would just notice it again some time later. I tried everything I could think of. Permissions, empty Recycle Bin, delete Recycle Bin completely to recreate a new one from scratch, even opened the desktop.ini file in notepad, rewrote it with gibberish and saved it as a txt file, but it still came back.

Cut to yesterday and I caught one in the wild, it reappeared on my desktop right in front of my eyes, just when I'd clicked on the Windows Explorer quick start link in my Taskbar. WE opened a window as it should but at the same time this folder from hell reappeared on my desktop.

But when I open WE via either 'My Computer' or 'This PC' in the Start Menu, I get the exact same window but the renegade folder doesn't come back.

I unpinned WE from the Task Bar, opened WE via My Computer (no renegade folder), re-pinned WE to the taskbar, clicked on that, and boom, there it is again.

This is not really a serious problem, but I've been looking at that folder on my desktop for more than a year now, and it just looks right back at me, in a sneering kind of way that I don't like.

A last detail, I can't rename the main folder because it is 'in use by another program', nor the first sub-folder for the same reason. But I could rename the final folder, which is named 'Documents', not of my making, has a weird icon and contains the hidden desktop.ini file, if that tells anyone anything.

And I know you boffins like a bit of code, and as it's not long, here's the contents of the desktop.ini file:


I don't speak code unfortunately, and it hardly looks important, but it may be relevant, not for me to say.

Thanks in advance from sunny Holland

Alain :)

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