Files resetting on computer restart

Aug 5, 2015
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Every time I restart my computer all of my files jump back to a specific point(all of my desktop icons go back, and all programs I had installed disappear). I have no idea why or how it is doing this, or what I did to have even caused it. I really need help fast because my computer is basically useless until I fix this. I did just install a new SSD harddrive into my primary slot and moved my old HDD into the secondary slot, just in case that had anything to do with it I wanted to put that out there.
I have discovered that when i start up my computer and login there is a notification from windows explorer that says im not allowed to edit files, and anything i do change will be reset when i sign out. It then tells me to try to sign in later. Still dont know how to fix this or what caused it.
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